DGAA welcomes new members and associate members.

If you would like to join our club you can find out more about the memberships available below and fill out a membership application here.

 All joining fees discounted to £0.00 for remainder of 2020 season.

Memberships and Tickets currently available for 2020:

Full Membership (Nith and Cairn)
Open to residents living within 10 miles of Dumfries town centre.

Regional Membership
Open to residents living between 10 and 20 miles of Dumfries town centre:

Visitors Season Membership
Open to anyone living outwith 20 miles of Dumfries Town Centre:

Drum Loch Membership
£60 per season.
Allows the member discounted day permits, at the concessionary rate- see Drum page for full pricing
Open 7am till dusk.

Visitor Tickets

Day Visitor Tickets  – open to everyone:
(All river day tickets are valid from midnight to midnight.)

Nith and Cairn day ticket:
Feb – July: £30 per day (Juvenile £15)
August – Nov: £45 per day (Juvenile £15)

Cairn only day ticket:
Feb – July: £20 per day (Juvenile £10)
August – October: £35 per day (Juvenile £10)

Tickets can be purchased online at FishPal

Visitor tickets can be bought from Fishpal or the above outlets in Dumfries

for all other enquiries please contact: 

Membership and Regional application forms can be downloaded using the links above or can be obtained from:

McMillans Tackle Shop, 6 Friars Vennel, Dumfries

for all other enquiries please contact: